The sickness that got me!

Last week I ended up very sick with no idea what the hell it was the 2x My wife had taken me into the emergency care, to get it checked out did a Cat scan nothing came up in my first visit it was 5 hours long and the last 2 and half hours the lady that brought me to do the c.t scan, got me back into my room and just left totally forgot to undo my I.V clip, so I was laying there not getting any fluids and being over dehydrated as I was it just was miserable to be laying there in just my boxers and there heavy awkward gown with a needle in my vein just ready too be home they send me on my way I slept all night into the morning, woke up every thing was going alright felt fine and then I ate some food… it was all down hill from there my pain was back with the consistent trips to the restroom.

So my issue was never resolved great deal with it a couple more days eat little severe pains many more trips and close calls, down side missed two days and was admitted in to the E.R I never do something like that because it just feels like a waste of time as it usually is my two trips just felt like it was rushed no idea what the problem is give me drugs and just send me on my marry way. Before my last visit I really believed something was truly wrong I just couldn’t stop going spend more then a half our just stuck in the bathroom, It started to dawn on me I may end up dying like the King of rock and roll “Elvis Presley” never in my life imagined that is how I was going to go out, my wife finally got me to another E.R just down the road, and they did the same exact thing expect this time blood shot right out of my arm all over the floor. My arm was very uncomfortable from the I.V needle in it but the only different thing they did was give me “Benadryl” with at anti nausea medication, and it started to work got really tired I feel asleep woke up the next day perfectly fine like nothing happen but they still weren’t sure what caused this issue I was having, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy or boss.. I could eat like normal again while drinking the drinks I enjoy.

I rarely ever admit my self I usually shrug stuff off like you shouldn’t do especially growing up skateboarding, I have hit my head several times my bones and muscle’s don’t function like they should but it was all in good fun and I loved every moment of it kept me out of trouble for the most part.

With all this being said We try everything in our power to be healthy and sometimes it just doesn’t turn out that way for a lot of us, just got to try and stay strong/positive through it all!

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