I played Some games today!

It may not sound that exciting, but when your so caught up in life/work life sometimes you just wish to be able sit back and just play some video games, I was able to play Forza motorsports 7 for a little bit but shortly after I started racing became rather bored with it So leaped over too Far cry 5, played that for a little while mind you I work 3rd shift so I walk in the door at 6am which is great I get to greet my wife and my little girls see them for a little while get some sleep then see more of them.

I’ve been jumping between Far cry 5 & Far cry 4 where I liked the combat in Fc4 than Fc5 especially the take downs were more gruesome in Fc4, or maybe I am just not doing enough to feel like it’s acceptable for me to say it’s a little better while the guns are way more enjoyable in Fc5 and the driving mechanics are little spruced up. The story in FC4 to me I preferred over Fc5 was not a fan of the cult like background was very off putting too me, where as Fc4 kept to the origin of what they started out A tourist that ended up in the wrong area of the vacation trip only to find out they had A special place there and became the hero of the island as if A vision was foretold to the people of the island, the intro of Far cry 4 wasn’t really slow either it kept it’s suspense through out the game just to release your mother’s ashes, also may have been annoying to other gamer’s I enjoyed climbing the Cell towers.

This has been my thoughts please enjoy, comment, like, subscribe!

Thank you!

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